Key Facts:


Proximity to Fracking will lower the value of your home.

Difficult, if not impossible to insure your home with proximity to Frack site.

Shale will 'NOT' make Gas prices fall in UK and Ireland. Confirmed by the industry and Government themselves.

6% of all wells will leak varyingly after 5 years.

Shale Gas/Oil is a finite resource, what happens when the Gas runs out?

The amount of recoverable Gas is unknown.

Fracking involves dealing with highly toxic Carcinogenic, Radioactive waste.

Will create few long term jobs.

Shale threatens our two biggest economic strengths here in Northern Ireland, Farming & Tourism.

The figures may vary but, he UK only imports between 1 - 5% of it's Gas from Russia, we are not dependent, Europe on the other hand is a different matter. (Source: The Carbon Trust)

Fracking is banned in France, Bulgaria and many other locations.

The full life cycle analysis shows Shale Gas is not a cleaner, Greener alternative to Coal, massive amount of energy needed to extract the resource.

Methane is 23 times more potent than CO2, in terms of the effects on the environment.

Massive increase in noise from Fracking to rural areas.

Massive Road and infrastructure alterations needed to cope with continuous heavy traffic when Fracking begins.

Fracking could be introduced through the international TTIP trade deal even if Fracking is blocked at state level.







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